Technical Articles
266 cubic inch
class rules from 1964
APBA Rule Book
280 cubic inch
the new probabtionary 280 rules from 1956
Boat Sport magazine
7 Litre
class rules from 1962
APBA Rule Book
Airplane Wing Design
boat design idea by Loren Pennington
Kent Hitchcock - Speed & Spray 1955
Bailer Transom Plug(s)
ideas for installing
Vintage Hydroplanes contributors
Cadillac Vintage Race Motor
neat vintage 1959 Cadillac
Street Rodder
article on the crackerbox class
Hop Up magazine 1951
perspective if you are going to do it yourself
Hop Up magazine
Glue Line
tips on achieving a proper glue line
Jamestown Distributors
Fiberglass cloth using epoxy
techniques for a perfect clear finish
West Marine Epoxyworks
Flying Water Bugs
general story on the latest fast boats
Popular Mechanics 1946
Huffers Vs Hummers
fuel injection vs supercharger
Picton Gold Cup Race Program 1979
Hurry Up Hulls
general story on the latest fast boats
Motorsport 1952
Hydroplane Finishing
one guy's thoughts on how he finished his hydro
Phil Spruit
Hull Planks
how to correctly edge boand planks
The Vintage Race Boat Shop
Main & Rod Bearings
how to check your main and rod bearings
Philip J Mitchell
Propeller Indicator
neat tool that John Cramer sold years ago
John Cramer
Sitka - King of all Spruces
background info on this wood specie
Wood & Wood Products
Steering Cables
attaching steering cables correctly
APBA Propeller 1976
ideas for making a storyboard sign
Alan Radue
Synthetic Web Slings
inspection, care & use of synthetic lifting slings
Web Sling & Tiedown Association
Turning over your hydro
one guy's method for turning over a hydro
Alan Radue
correct methods on safety wiring turnbuckles.
Purdue University
Veneer Checking
ways to prevent this problem
Industrial Strength Woodworking
Ventnor Race Boat Catalog how fun would this have been selecting your boat
Ventnor Boat Company 1940
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