Vintage Racing Models
 These scaled down versions of the full size Vintage and Antique race boats are incredible. 
A builder can spend more time building one of the models than one building a full size race boat. 
From measurements, to scale layout, to needing to custom fabricate hardware from scratch. 
The details are exquisite and the craftmanship is masterfully performed.
1938 Chris Craft Special
by Mark Morley
Shake Rattle & Roll A-54
by Mark Morley

Built by Brian Blazer for Richard Landaiche

Tempo VI
by Keith Brayer
Cumon Baby 15-A
by Frank Neely (restored by son Will)
Miss Bardarl & Lauterbach
by Jim Osborne
Emancipator IV 22-F
by Keith Brayer
Road Runner Y-88
by Bill Clark and Hap Mulvaney
by John Harper
Scotty & My Sin/Tempo VI
by Keith Holm
Radio Controlled Fleet
by Hank Pyrciak
Miss Supertest III, Miss Canada III, Garwood Speedster
by Derek Osborn
Liberty V-12 TS-26 motor (Miss America)
by Keith Brayer
Tempo VI, Miss Canadiana, Country Boy, X Ray
by Phil Kunz
Exécutif GP-11 & OFC Schenley GP-1001
by Benoit Robert
Miss US
by Model Airplane News - May 1979
by Flying Models - February 1981
Model Boating
by Flying Models - May 1979
Flyin High JS-78
by M.A.C.K. Products - built by John Marck for Bill DeGlopper