MidLife Crisis
In my opinion – prettiest photo I have ever seen of a FORD SOHC 427. That boat is a 1964 Sanger owned by John Vermeesch (Ford Engineer who developed the infamous motor). Nice tow rig too!
© F. Peirce Williams – Quake at the Lake 2010.
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Raising a Gar Wood

2014_GarWood_sunk_foundPlay the photobucket link…play it in reverse, if possible.
Look what I found (after six years of searching for it)….
1934 Garwood Speedster Replica.
83′ of water/56 degrees/1′ visibility.
Built by Tom Lang and Mark Weinberger
Sunk: September 2003 at the antique boat show in Charlotte, NC.
Recovered: July 9, 2014, high noon by Jeff Buckley
Location: Lake Norman, NC.

Phil Kunz Scrapbook

Phil's Scrapbook
Phil just added over 75 more photos to his Scrapbook on his website. I do believe his Scrapbook has more historical photos of hydroplanes and raceboats that are published on the internet than anywhere in the world.  The Scrapbook starts in the 1920 and goes to the 1990s. Most photos after 1952 were taken by Phil, himself.  So grab your favorite beverage and sit back — and browse through some boat racing history.