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Detroit’s Packard Plant cranked out 70,000 engines during wartime

PT boats! Kittyhawks! Hurricanes with 40mm guns to rip open Nazi tanks! Mosquito bombers! And, of course, the mighty P-51 Mustang! What do all these marvelous manifestations of the Allies’ mechanized might have in common? Why, they’re all powered by might V12 motors assembled by America’s Master Motor Builder: Packard. The film reel is all…

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Obscure hydroplane, built in a barn in an out of the way place, never raced, never to fulfill the dreams of her builder.

Wonderful story posted in the new issue, over at Unlimited New Journal, that some of you may not even know much about. The Miss Grays Harbor unlimited hydroplane and it’s history. The mid-1950’s building boom of championship hulls had subsided somewhat, with only three camps officially giving notice of their intentions. In the east, Les…

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This stopped by our place in Tahoe this summer…

…from Rocky Mullen. Photo by Sean Mullen.

The Australians invade West Virginia

making a carbon fiber hydro

UPDATE ON THE TWO PIECE CARBON FIBER MOLD. Today was lifting the carbon fiber mold off the mule (or donor hydro).The first two photos are before we lifted it off and the remaining photos are after it was broken free. The plan was to lift it far enough to temporarily place carton between the mold…

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Gleason Racing Photography John Leach’s 280 vintage hydro BUCCANEER being put through the turn by his son David, at Black Lake, Olympia, WA 2013

Testing fresh iron between the Heavy Duty’s stringers


Ford Cammer —- in a boat.

In my opinion – prettiest photo I have ever seen of a FORD SOHC 427. That boat is a 1964 Sanger owned by John Vermeesch (who worked on the Ford motor development team). Oh….and you can’t just tow this boat with just any car. You’ll need a woodie station wagon. © F. Peirce Williams –…

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This photo was posted on Diamond Cup Hydro Maniacs Facebook page and sent to me.

The 2014 Raceboat Regatta held at the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY.

Clayton as viewed from a drone copter