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Soon after I acquired my first computer and connecting it to the world wide web in the spring of 2000, one of the things I started surfing for was information on limited-class inboard hydroplane racing. I found very little. I decided to start a website about the rebuild of my 7 litre, vintage class hydroplane I found and was rebuilding. I thought others might get a kick out of what I was doing. Soon after the first few pages were published, other people started emailing me photographs on their raceboat restoration projects and the website pretty much took off from there. In early 2003, the site was given the title of "The official website of the American Power Boat Association - Vintage & Historic Division" by it's former chairman and racing legend, Tom D'Eath. In November of 2009, the Canadian Boating Federation started it's Vintage Division and the website was adopted to be it's official website also. I thank everyone who have contributed to the site with information. I also thank our sponsors for their support.

Let me make the first point
I was born in 1961, which is the first year my vintage hydroplane, Moonshine Baby started racing. So I am NO authority, on this sport's history. In fact, I hate to profess it, but I really did not pay attention to boat racing until about 1996 when an opportunity came my way and I was given an old hydroplane. The closest I was to powerboat racing was that I my brother, Larry raced for 2 years as the throttle man on a 43' Offshore in the APBA. My father's brick & stone supply business was one of the boat's sponsor. After attending a few vintage events and meeting some of the owners & drivers, I was amazed at the history of the limited class boat racing. I was even more amazed that most of this great history was not documented very well in either print or media. I am honored to help preserve some of boat racing's history through this website.

A few facts on your webmaster
My name is Phil Spruit. My wife is Joni (Sooy). We have two children, Phillip, Jr. & Cassandra. My wife, son, and I are originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

We moved to the Minneapolis/St Paul area of Minnesota in 1988. I took a job to start up a new subsidiary for Colwell Industries named, Technical Finishing Services. This company produces wood finish samples for office furniture & kitchen cabinet manufacturers. One of the best parts of working there is that I get to work with my son who runs our saw department.

My previous job was about a 10 year gig at John Widdicomb. This company was well known for producing some of the finest residential furniture in the world. They were often referred as the Rolls-Royce of furniture makers and was one of the oldest furniture companies in the Western Hemisphere, started before the Civil War. They reproduced period style furniture in the classic designs from around the world. Sad to say, after 144 years they went out of business in July 2002. A year later, the name was bought by Stickley Furniture. I dropped out of school, lied about my age, and started working there when I was 17 year's old. I worked my way up to be their finish designer. I developed old world, period finishes. I always considered working there a privelege as well as my "college" education. The trades that could be learned at this fine institution were incredible. I learned from & worked with some of the best tradespeople in the fine furniture industry.

I spend my free time hanging out with my family, working on the house, playing my drums and restoration projects like:
1975 Chevy Van   (owned since I was 16)
1926 Ford T Roadster
1966 Ford Fairlane GT/A
1960 7-Litre hydro - Moonshine Baby H-54

As you can probably tell, I've always liked working with my hands and try to maintain a lifestyle using them. 
Thanks for reading this little autobiography about your webmaster.
Phil Spruit

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Phillip Spruit

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