Edelweiss GP-444

At the Lauterbach Custom Boats shop - another "vintage" hydroplane begins
A replica of the famous EDELWEISS

Beginning as just a few frames and a pile of wood, the boat will grow into a thing of beauty




Main stringers are taking shape...

From a pile of frames to a hull shape in a week.


A solid foundation for the strut.



From stem to stern this is a long hull.


Transom (Birch)

Graceful curve of the bow.

Tunnel Reinforcement

Another view of the bottom and tunnel reinforcement.

I had to shoot from a bird's eye view.  Bat's eye view would be up-side-down.


Hmmm....looks like different wood species being incorporated in those battens.


Boat gets sides and tunnel "skins".

some tools of the trade



laying out for sponson framing

other sponson

view from aft


good view, giving one a perspective on the shape of the entire bottom.


Sponson framing & construction



In this series of photos, the second layer of plywood is being fitted to the sponson bottoms.

starboard sponson

a little more trimming

The dot in the photo is a floating piece of dust that reflected the flash.
Nice piece of solid mahogany, all shaped for the skid fin brackets.


The sponsons are covered with aluminum...   and sanding dust.

The strut is mounded on an aluminum place.
The propeller shaft hole has been drilled. 
The entire bottom has been sanded in preparation for a clear finish.


Next weekend the clear finish should be cured and very shiny.

internal support structure

starboard sponson

Close-up of bow and starboard sponson.
Note the interior of the sponson has received a sealing/finish coating.

almost ready for interior finish and decking

 craftsman's tools

close-up of port sponson bow

view of port sponson

Edelweiss has an offset shaft angle

 Transom - interior view

View from stern, looking forward

Looking forward from transom, starboard side

Close-up of transom and strut
The finish coating has been applied to bottom

Larry Lauterbach at work

Preparing cockpit area for dash

The engine stringer has been strengthened with aluminum and brackets for the gearbox has been fitted.
The gearbox had been removed prior to my arrival.

Casale gearbox and mounting plate

Engine side

Dash awaits trimming



perfect fit

Today, Larry is the custodian of Henry's "vintage dividers".
Now painted bright red to prevent loss, they have scribed hundreds of trim lines on dashes, engine cowlings, tail fins and much more.

Rudder Quadrant


Rudder Bracket

Almost ready for decking













Edelweiss received her colors and clear coat.


Cowling for Bubba's big engine



In this photo, the exhaust headers need to be added.  The trailer was under construction.

The Captain's chair.

Just add water...

Open that door, I'm almost ready to go!
This is the last photo of the construction
THANKS go to Dave 'Batman' Wagoner for his time & photographic talents, capturing the build of the replica, Edelweiss GP-444!!


The pics below are from Greg Isaac.

Ready to go........fast.



"Mr. Sunshine"

Those infamous words heard at the Driver's Meeting when the name, Larry Lauterbach was called, 
the answer was "Fo Fo Fo"

The builder Larry Lauterbach and owner Bill Pearson.


Thanks to Larry Lauterbach - Lauterbach Custom Boat

The next three photos - Wheeling, West Virginia 2008

Photo by Phil Mitchell

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