Catch Me If You Can
Lauterbach Custom Boats

In the beginning there was only darkness, but there were plenty empty forms.
Seeing this, the master said, as he waved his hands, "let there be hydroplanes!"
Suddenly the forms were filled with wood and glue and clamps of all sizes and shapes.

A  great ark in the making.

The wood was without shape or form...

The master sawed this and was pleased...

The master divided the top from the bottom...

There was a sign...  blurry, but a sign....
2004 22 ft TWO SEATER

And the tops and bottoms were joined.

It was all good.  The master looked... he smiled, then rested.

Suddenly there were stringers!!!  (Look closely).

Who was to sail this ark?
A disciple was appointed.

Stringers for a two-seater.

building more frames

and a pile of frames grows

assembly begins

from aft to bow

keel is next

Assembly of Ed Shields' Lauterbach two-seater continues with the 
addition of the bow stem, keel and bottom stringers.

Chine and non-trip stringers added.

Ready for "skins".

Mahogany transom.

Sides, Non-trips and Bottom installed on new two-seater.

With the addition of a little more plywood, the bottom will be finished.

view of bow

Frames and air trap define the port sponson

Frames and air trap of starboard sponson define its shape.


Port sponson gets "skin".

...and so does starboard sponson.

Clamps,clamps and more clamps.

Close up of sponson bottom.

The bottom of the new two seater is finished.
Soon, Larry will right the hull and work on the topside.

 Love the finish of the new two seater.  Boy, does it shine!

The beauty of the wood now shows

Love the color of the woods.

With the application of the final finish, the beauty of the mahogany jumps out!

What have we here?

Ed Sheilds' new Lauterbach two-seater has been righted, and work on the sponsons continues.

Fairing and trimming of the sponsons is nearing completion.  Next, the "tops" go on.

View from stern.

The port sponson has been trimmed and faired.  Next, the skid fin will be installed.

This large skid fin awaits installation on the port sponson.

Strut and rudder will soon be added.

future homes of seat and engine

the long view

looking good

The starboard sponson awaits the installation of it top.

Likewise, the port sponson awaits installation of its top.

The clear coat has been applied to interior.

Larry Lauterbach applies epoxy prior to the installation of the starboard sponson top.

Congratulations,  Ed!  Your new, two seat, Lauterbach hydroplane is progressing well.

Look at the shine of that beautiful interior!

Cockpit taking shape


topside taking shape

battens ahoy

With the addition of the final battens, the shape of the deck is now apparent.

The graceful curves of the bow/topside can now be easily seen

plywood decks can't be far away

Rudder/steering system has been fitted.  Re-installation will soon follow.

The engine for the Lauterbach two-seater was delivered last week. Larry will be installing it this week.

Stern quarter, port side.

Two-seater from stern quarter

Engine cowling in place
Once the engine is installed, the openings for the exhausts and other projections will be cut.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, the Lauterbach two-seater got it graphics.

It looks like this two-seater is going to be fast!  Check the inscription on the engine cowling.


two-seater awaits clear coat and engine.


How's this for power?

awaiting installation

Nearly ready

With the engine in place, "plumbing connections" are next.

Everything in place

Let's fire this baby up!

Larry attacks last minute items in preparation to firing the engine.


A fine mist of water and exhaust rises as the engine fires for the first time.

And so it was witnessed & written by the scribe, Batman.
Ed Shields' new two-seater continues.

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