Gulf Oil Corporation
1949 - 1968
The 100 Mile Per Hour Club is conducted by the Gulf Oil Corporation. It was established in 1949 to recognize those who have driven a power boat 100 mph or better in APBA sanctioned regattas on a course approved for records. The requirements for membership are included herein for the information of APBA drivers who may wish to qualify. Awards are made annually by the Gulf Oil Corporation. Nominations for membership in 100 MPH Club must be submitted by referee to APBA National Headquarters prior to December 1.
  • 1. In order to be eligible to compete in a time trial for entry into the 100 Mile Per Hour Club, the boat must have finished first, second, or third in a heat scheduled for the class in which the boat is registered and at least four of the contesting boats must have been of the class for which the heat was scheduled. This qualification to compete in a time trial for the 100 Mile Per Hour Club can be made in the same regatta where the time trials are held or at any A.P.B.A. sanctioned regatta within the past twelve months where the boat was raced under the same measurement certificate at the time of the trial.
  • 2. In order to be eligible to drive a boat in a 100 Mile Per Hour Club time trial, the driver must have qualified the particular boat that he is using in the 100 Mile Per Hour time trial as set out in paragraph 1 of this rule. 
(Reproduced from the American Power Boat Association 1962 Rule Book & Official Directory)

Dan Arena Stanley Dollar Harold Wilson, Jr.
Bill Cantrell Lou Fageol Gar Wood
Horace Dodge Guy Lombardo

W. Melvin Crook Paul Sawyer Chuck Thompson
Dan Foster Stanley Sayres

Ted Jones Chuck Powell Morlan Visel
Lorin Pennington Sid Street

Ed Aleksandrowicz Fred Galante Art Maynard
B. G. Bartley, Jr. Martin Headman Louis Nuta, Jr.
E. O. Bergholdt Robert Ingram Leo Schoebert
Frank Foulke D. C. Kiesacker Robert Sykes
Mildred Foulke Elmer Linenschmidt Mike Welch
William Martens

Duane Allen William Holloway Lee Schoenith
B. G. Bartley, Sr. Robert Ikerd Bill Stead
Ernest Bender Glen Parish Ezio Selva
Marion Cooper Joe Palmer Joe Taggart
Ray Gassner Bill Ritner, Jr. Mario Verga
Richard Hallett Bill Ritner, Sr. Joe Wolf
Jack Schafer

Albert A. Bauer James W. Fyle, Jr. Ron Musson
Keith Black Howard Gidovlenko Louis Nuta, Sr.
George Byers, Jr. Sam Guarino Lyle Ritchie
Merlyn Culver Henry Lauterbach Frank Saile, Jr.
William Du Granut Francois Lavigne George Simon
Lou Eppel George Mattucci Don Wilson
Ray Fageol Robert McElroy Stuart Wilson
Jay Murphy

Jack Bartlow Chuck Hunter Roger Murphy
Donald Campbell Walter Kade Jack Regas
George Davis Robert W. Kieser Col. Russel Schleeh
Frank Hearn Eddie Meyer E. C. Thirwell
Bill Muncey

Wm. R. Hudgson Bob Schroeder Ronald G. Smith
Robert E. Smith

Fred Alter Unlimited Miss U. S. 1
Frank M. Byers 7 Litre Miss DeSoto V
David Craig 266 Hydro Bloody Mary
R. Watson Lewis 266 Hydro Wee Jo Too
Dr. William Linss 266 Hydro Briar Hopper IV
Mira J. Slovak Unlimited Miss Wahoo
Henry Vogel 225 Hydro My Sin III
Kenneth Wade 225 Hydro Teacher's Pet

Homer Bland 266 Hydro Motorcraft Special
Rodney Brogden 225 Hydro Kitty B
Bill Brow Unlimited Miss Burien
Ed Brown 266 Hydro Bouncy Barby 4
Tom Carter 280 Hydro Tom Cat
Jack Colcock 266 Hydro Chris III
Don Dunnington 266 Hydro Miss Pinky
Frank T. Elliot 266 Hydro Snipe
Hubert Entrop F Out. Hydro R-22
Norm Evans Unlimited Miss Bardahl
Bob Hayward Unlimited Miss Supertest III
Chuck Hickling Unlimited Miss Seattle
Julius E. Howard 266 Hydro Florida Lady
Bud James 266 Hydro Chiro III
Earl King 266 Hydro Bon Bon Too
Bob Palermo 225 Hydro Time Flies
Alton Pierson 280 Hydro Bo Bo Too
Harry Reeves Unlimited Coral Reef
Dallas Sartz Unlimited Miss Spokane
Dixon Vose 266 Hydro Chris III
John Witt 225 Hydro Snapper
Brian Wygle Unlimited Miss Thriftway Too

Frank M. Byers, Jr. 7 Litre Miss DeSoto VI
Bill T. Frisbee 266 Hydro 100 Plus
Fuzzy Furlong 266 Hydro Miss Kim V
Bob Gilliam Unlimited KOL Roy
Stu Gray 266 Hydro Miss Gold Dust
Phil Hardican 280 Hydro Restless Tomcat
W. E. Hoggard 280 Hydro Shorty's Lauterbach Special
George McKernan Unlimited Miss Bardahl
Wm. H. Ruth 280 Hydro Gambler
John White 266 Hydro Black Magic

Alexander G. Allen 266 Hydro Wee Tommy Tucker
Ennie Argence 266 Hydro Gun Shy
Marion Beaver 225 Hydro Uncle Gummy
Merle Blair 266 Hydro Miss Springfield
Arnold Boyance, Sr 280 Hydro Mr. Neon
Al Brinkman 266 Hydro Sea Biscuit VII
Harold Bucholtz 280 Hydro Tu-Bad
Dean S. Burrage 266 Hydro Jay-Dee
Harold Coelho 266 Hydro Cherokee
George Damon 266 Hydro Boots
Bob Ellis 225 Hydro Uncle Gummy
Jerry Eschen 225 Hydro California Kid
Eldred Faulkner 266 Hydro Briar Hopper
Milt Gagnon 266 Hydro My Security
Ronald E. Hearn 280 Hydro Miss Peaches
Ken Ingram 225 Hydro Ranger IV
Al Lyford, Jr. 7 Litre Challenge
Leo Macutza Unlimited Such Crust
Robert B. Moore 225 Hydro Miami Boy
Tony Piazza 266 Hydro Baby Be
Burt Ross, Jr. X Out. Hydro Ross Go III
Sam Sarra 266 Hydro Allegro
Mike Thomas 280 Hydro Apache
Mike Waters 266 Hydro Aqua-Holic

James Curts 266 Hydro Black Widow
Henry J. Evans, Jr. 280 Hydro Hank's Prank IV
Allan A. Ford 225 Hydro California Kid
Calvert Johnson 280 Hydro Beverly Ann
S. E. Jones 266 Hydro Black Magic
Art Kasner 266 Hydro Hydro Phobia II
Charles B. Lloyd 266 Hydro Neptunes Lounge
Robert L. Maley 266 Hydro Neptunes Lounge
Andrew J. Miller 280 Hydro Justa Guest
Edward J. Morgan, Jr. 266 Hydro High Winder
John J. Patterson 266 Hydro Jackie B
Max S. Saylor 266 Hydro Let's Go
E. H. Schroeder 135 Hydro Trample
Bob Seever 266 Hydro Skylark
George L. Smith 266 Hydro Jersey Devil
Rocky Stone 266 Hydro Dawab
Bernard J. Tool, Jr. 280 Hydro Apache
Edward E. Trayford, Jr. 280 Hydro Hula Girl III
C. A. Widenhouse 266 Hydro Slo Poke
J. D. Wooldridge 266 Hydro Black Magic

William Allan 225 Hydro Hell's Angel
Arthur Asbury 266 Hydro Miss Rimouski
Larry Bulman 280 Hydro Larry's Weally Weady
James N. Douty 266 Hydro Lil' Miss Spokane
Roy Duby Unlimited Miss U. S. I
Georoge F. English 255 Hydro High-Winder II
Curtis Estes 266 Hydro Wa-Wa-Too
Warner F. Gardner Unlimited Notre Dame
Charles W. Goddard 255 Hydro Sea-Duce
Lawrence C. Kennedy 266 Hydro Good Grief
Kenny Kimbrough 7 Litre Hurricane III
Charle F. King 266 Hydro Katy Did
Lew Koehler 266 Hydro Tootsie
A. L. Loomis Unlimited $ Bill
Randy D. Meyer 150 Hydro Avenger VI
Laird Pierce 266 Hydro Prancin-Ansen
Franis Racioppi 266 Hydro First Lady
R. Royce Richards 225 Hydro Fat Chance
Dick Sooy 280 Hydro Susie
Douglas J. Tenzier 255 Hydro Black Stream II
Dave Thomas 266 Hydro Miss Ottawa
Donald L. Ward 266 Hydro Skitter
Earl T. Wham 266 Hydro Holy Smoke
Richard Woods 150 Hydro Trample

Clayton Boudreaux 266 Hydro Tin Horn
Ardson Bozarth 150 Hydro Skip
Aubert Brillant 266 Hydro Miss Canadiana
Richard T. Ciachon 225 Hydro Miss Oakland
Denton Denny 225 Hydro California Kid
Sidney Johnson 280 Hydro Beverly Ann IV
Ronald H. Larsen Ski Rac. Run Quicky Too
Andrew A. Lemeshewsky 280 Hydro Wildcat
Donald W. Lewis 266 Hydro We Jo II
Ken D. Lydon 7 Litre Redskin
Allen F. Maier 225 Hydro Misty III
John J. Mason 266 Hydro Miss Washington D. C
James Miller 7 Litre The Hustler
Elwood J. Pliescott 150 Hydro Woody Jr. Special
Roger Schaller 225 Hydro Colbalt
Henry C. Schneider, Jr. 255 Hydro Tiger Too
William L. Sterett 7 Litre Miss DeSoto
Max Stierli 225 Hydro Thunderbird
Chales Strickland, Jr. 266 Hydro Unicorn
Walter J. Struzek 280 Hydro Vagabond
J. J. Terry Unlimited Miss Michigan
Wayne Thompson 225 Hydro Gummy's Ghost
Donald D. Waldorf 280 Hydro Rowdy
Fred Wichers  266 Hydro Pops Rebel
Jack Wohlfert 280 Hydro Miss Twin City
Fred Wright 225 Hydro J. J Special

Milton Blewett 225 Hydro Challenger II
Leif Borgersen 266 Hydro Best Wishes
Oscar E. Bramblett, Jr. 266 Hydro Miss Dukane
David B. Carez 225 Hydro Miss Twister
H. H. Carez 255 Hydro Miss Twister
Lenny Gisin 266 Hydro Gold Dust
Pike Green 266 Hydro Courtesy Chevy
Jim Hay 7 Litre Miss Crazy Thing
Edward V. Johston 7 Litre Annie's Dodge
Spencer Miller 7 Litre Kangaroo Kid
Dale W. Peterson 7 Litre Confusion
Jerry Silva 266 Hydro Tin Horn
Louis Siracusa 280 Hydro Noodles
Merle L. Solland 225 Hydro Charity
William L. Sterett, Jr. 7 Litre Miss Crazy Thing
Joseph B. Stryhal 266 Hydro Miss Dukane
Jim C. Townsend 7 Litre Eight Ball
Donald R. Waldorf, Jr. 225 Hydro Empty Pockets
William H. Walker 7 Litre Sunday Pants
Norman Wyman 266 Hydro Miss Saginaw
Rex Manchester Unlimited Gale V
Jerry Schoenith Unlimited Gale V
Billy Schumacher Unlimited $ Bill
Bud Wiget 150 Hydro Avenger VI

Howard H. Benns Carl Eugene Henderson Bill Phelps
V. Paul Bequette George R. Hendrix Louis A. Schneider
Rex Gale Bixby William Hollinsworth Sylvester S. Singer
Harrison R. Boggs, Jr. Bob Karner Tery Alan Sterrett
Leslie M. Brown Wes Knudsen Chester L. Stierli
Thomas M. Cocker John Koch Michael Stieerli
Deon Guerine Robert Marsh Tommie Turner
Hayden H. Harris Tim Moriarity

Howard Arnett 150 Hydro Invader III
Gene L. Benning 225 Hydro N-56
Richard Cooper 91 Hydro First Mortgage
Chuck Doidge 225 Hydro Gidget
Thomas E. Doidge 225 Hydro Gidget
Henry Eastman 150 Hydro Piranha
Robert Fendler Unlimited Wayfarers Club Lady
Ken Furniss 150 Hydro Avenger V
Bill Hodge 266 Hydro F-93
Mac Jordan 225 Hydro Miss Sapphire
Len Justa 225 Hydro Miss Shayne
Dallas Kremer 7 Litre Moonshine Baby V
James Kropfeld 266 Hydro Scoundrel
Jim McCormisk Unlimited Miss Madison
Tony Maricich Ski Racing Runabout Suddenly
Lynn Montgomery 225 Hydro Misty IV
F. C. Moor 91 Hydro Southern Air V
Jim Ranger Unlimited My Gypsy
Gordie Reed 266 Hydro Iroquois Chief
Paul Schroeder 266 Hydro Scoundrel
Jack Sellers 91 Hydro Pit Pass
Larry Stober 225 Hydro Cobra

Marilou Beaver 225 Hydro Awful Gummy
Fred Benzinger, Sr. 225 Hydro Cobra
William W. Block 280 Hydro Lectron
Gene Burgin 7 Litre His Lordship
Dean A. Chenoweth  Litre Sayonara
Jerry Eastman 150 Hydro Piranha
Robert R. Frazee 150 Hydro Cucaracha
Alfred J. Harjes, Jr. 280 Hydro Mach Shnell
Gerald F. Hawley 266 Hydro Cricket
George S. Henley 225 Hydro Miss Tide Air
Frank A. Kossow 266 Hydro Miss Ottawa
James E. McLeod 7 Litre Hi-Riser
Ronald Martin 225 Hydro Cobra
Denny Nailer 225 Hydro Awful Gummy
David A. Norton 266 Hydro Hiawatha Hopper
Dick Powell 266 Hydro Aqua-Holic
Joe Siracusa 225 Hydro Country Boy
Thomas Keen Taylor 280 Hydro E-78
Mike Tourigian 280 Hydro Sting-Ray
Willard S. Wilson, Jr. 280 Hydro Lectron
Harvey J. Stuska 91 Hydro Metisse

O. Leif Borgersen Unlimited Notre Dame
James A. Burnham 225 Hydro Long Haul
Charles M. Copple 266 Hydro Hombre
Tommy K. Fults Unlimited My Gypsy
Tom W. Kaufman 7 Litre Can't Wait
Robert G. Miller Unlimited Atlas Van Lines
Jim Mitchell 225 Hydro Thunderbird
James E. O'Connor 225 Hydro Lets Went
Ed O'Halloran Unlimited Miss Madison
Craig Quarberg 225 Hydro Viking Miss
Jim Rattenbury 225 Hydro Ratsy II
Edward J. Sims 225 Hydro Cats Meow
David R. Sooy 7 Litre Double Eagle
Joe Tyrrell, Jr. 266 Hydro Ain't Misbehavin
Gerry E. Walin B. Out. Hydro The Fantum
Michael H. Wolfbauer, Jr. Unlimited Savair's Probe
John R. Woods 225 Hydro Speculation

George W. Babcock 7 Litre hydro II Record 7
Glenn M. Brewer 150 hydro La Cucaracha
Frank R. Connolly Jr. 280 hydro Sting Ray
Charlie Dunn Jr. 225 hydro Lauterbach Special
Edward F. Dzurik 150 hydro Funny Feelin
Leonard L. Grennon 225 hydro Goodie Wagon
Robert W. Hamilton Jr. 150 hydro Shake Rattle N Roll
Frank C. Hawk 266 hydro Jersey Lightning
Anson C. Holley 266 hydro Cajun Queen
Ivor Jones Super Stock Runabout Irritation
Kenny Kitson OPC Class T Miss Diablo 6
Thomas W. Kropfeld 266 hydro Mason's Toy
Don Lostumbo 7 Litre hydro II Lone Shark
Bill Modesitt 225 hydro Hal's Angel Too
Herbert Moore 266 hydro A Little More
Christopher Olivere 225 hydro Snoopy
Ted Panaretos 225 hydro Goodie Wagon
William G. Pearson Jr. 266 hydro Bull Of The Woods
Cheri Petti Jr. 7 Litre hydro II Petti's Pet
Clifford Swart 7 Litre hydro I Mission Impossible
Danny Walls 225 hydro Justa Pest II
Charles L. Walters F Outboard hydro Honker IV
Al M. Woody 280 hydro Streaker

1970 MEMBERS - 150 MPH Club
George W. Babcock 7 Litre hydro I Record 7
Frank M. Byers Jr. 7 Litre hydro II  Miss Budweiser
Don Campbell Jet Bluebird
Roy Duby Unlimited Miss U. S. I
Charles B. Dunn Jr. 5 Litre hydro Miss Washington D. C.
Bill Muncey Unlimited Miss Thriftway
Lee Taylor Jet Hustler

1971 MEMBERS - 150 MPH Club
George Byers Jr. 7 Litre hydro (1958) Miss DeSoto V
Thomas S.Gilpatrick 7 Litre hydro I Quick Delivery
E. M. Remund 5 Litre hydro Going Thing
Larry Schultz 7 Litre hydro I Quick Delivery
Earl T. Wham 7 Litre hydro I Miss Merion Bluegrass

1972 MEMBERS - 150 MPH Club
Howie Benns 165.300 mph
Jim McCormick 151.147 mph
Antonio G. Rodrigues 150.536 mph

(150 MPH Club)
Dean Chenoweth Sr. Unlimited hydro Miss Budweiser
Gordie Reed 5 Litre hydro Miss Jenny
Tom Sheehy Unlimited hydro Miss Madison 

Thanks to:
John Patterson for 1949-1962 stats.
Fred Benzinger, Jr. for 1963-1968 stats.
Bob Foley for 1969-1973 stats.

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